Factors Affect How Old Can Bearded Dragons Get

It is needless to say that bearded dragons are one of the most popular animals to rise as a pet due to their personality and unique appearance. Besides, one more reason that makes them the perfect pets is bearded dragons have a long lifespan like the other pets such as dogs and cats.

If you wonder how old can bearded dragons get and what are the factors will affect their lifespan, this post will help you explore all these things.

How long can bearded dragons live?

The lifespan of bearded dragons will be different depending on their environments.  In the natural environment, bearded dragons will have to be faced with some dangerous factors because they can be the food for a natural predator.

They also have the risk of diseases and illnesses. Therefore, the wild bearded dragon can live a maximum of 5-8 years.

So how old do bearded dragons get in the captivity? With the proper care and the good condition, bearded dragons in the enclosure can life can last for 8-12 years, it is not a short time for pets.

And if they have been kept under super condition, your dragons can reach their maximum lifespan for 12-14 years. It is believed that there are some very rare cases of bearded dragons that can live up to 19 years old.

Things influenced bearded dragons lifespan


Bearded dragons should have a well-balanced diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, live insects and also vitamin supplements and calcium powder. The babies require more insects and nutrients to grow while the adults should only eat 20% of insects in their diet.


There are some things that bearded dragons will need in their captivity life such as proper heating, lighting, correct tank size, substrate. With only one of these things is missing or inadequacy, it can affect the quality of life or even decrease the lifespan of your pet.


One of those reasons that make the female bearded dragons has a shorter lifespan than the males is because of breeding. The stress during the pregnancy and childbirth process can reduce the female dragon’s lifespan, especially if you allow them to pregnancy then they are not old enough.


Bearded dragons can only live a long life if they have enough space. Bearded dragons require space to basking, shelter, and do exercise.