What should be in a best horse grooming kit list?

Grooming kits is the collection of brushes, combs and some other tools that are needed to remove the finer particles of dust and detritus from your horse’s coat for cleaning, shining and healthy. The complete basic grooming kit will make your work of grooming so much easier.

Each brush or comb in the kit serves a different purpose. And this listed below is the most common items that you should look for in the best horse grooming kit.

#1 Curry comb

A curry comb should be used as the first tool of grooming process. It usually has the circular or oval shape and made from rubber. The curry coomb are used in a circular motion while grooming in order to remove excess dirt and hair for stubborn grime

In addition, there is metal curry comb with rows of serrated metal. It can be use on the winter to remove winter coat from the horse.

#2 Body brush

A body brush is the first essential tool in every horse grooming kit. A body brush also has to known as a soft brush with versatile soft bristles that are used all over the horse’s body.

Body brush is used to get rid of any grease, dirt, and dust from the coat. Due to the soft bristles, it can be used on sensitive areas such as the head; the bristles also help to distribute the natural oils in horse’s coat.

#3 Dandy brush

Beside a soft bristles brush, you also need a long stiff bristles brush, and this is a dandy brush. The dandy brush is usually used on the less sensitive area in the horse body. This dust will help to remove any dirt or hair in the dry surface that the curry comb missed.

#4 Hoof Pick

Another essential that cannot miss in any grooming kit is the hoof pick. This is the tool that used to remove dirt and stones that trapped under the horse’s hooves. Hoof picks are usually made out of plastic or metal that includes a hooked metal and a brush on other side.

#5 Mane & Tail brush

As the longest hair in the horse coat, main and tail should be brushed not only to remove dirt and loose hair but also to remove knots and tangles. The mane and tail brush will keep your horse tangle free. It usually made form sturdy plastic, allows you to brush through quickly and easily.

#6 Sponge

It is not the necessary tool but a sponge is great to have if you need to give your horse a bath or cool them down. A sponge will help to clean horse’s eyes, nose and dock area while bathing, as well as clean wounds.

#7 Sweat scraper

Sweat scraper is used to remove access water after bathing or sweat from the horse. It comes in metal or rubber blades with a handle that allow you to wipe away sweat and water.