How Many Mealworms Should A Bearded Dragon Eat?

You could notice that your bearded dragons like to eat mealworms. But mealworms not really good for breaded dragons since there is a lot of fat and phosphor contained in them but just a little protein and calcium.

Therefore, mealworms should not be given as main food for bearded dragons; they only should be a small part or treat in bearded dragons diet.

So how many mealworms should a bearded dragon eat? This post is mealworms feeding guide that every bearded dragon keepers should know.

Can baby bearded dragons eat mealworm?

No, they cannot. Do not feed your baby dragons with mealworms. Mealworms have a rough structure and a big size, therefore they quite hart for babies to digest.

There is a risk of intestinal blockage, impaction or even death for your baby bearded dragons if you allow them to eat mealworms.

Moreover, mealworms contain lots of fat and less nutrition so they do not provide nutrients that the babies need to grow. Instead, you can feed them cricket, small dubia roaches, tiny wax worms and other small insects.

Can juvenile bearded dragons eat mealworms?

Above 6 months juveniles can eat mealworms. But they should only eat mealworms only once or twice per week. Provide mealworms for them as treat. Feeding them the younger mealworms because this is softer and easy to digest.

Besides, you should control the number of mealworms that you feed bearded dragons at one time. Avoid feeding a big or giant meal since it might cause an impaction. Only offering 1 to 2 worms each meal.

Note: Bearded dragon owners should never place mealworms directly on the substrate. If the mealworms are still strong and crawl out of the food dish, you should use a reptile carpet. This is the best substrates bedding bearded dragons with little effect on their digestive system.

How many mealworms can an adult bearded dragon eat?

When they are over 18 months old, they know how to digest mealworms properly. But in this period of lifetime, your dragons should eat more vegetables than when they were young.

So you can feed them mealworms once per week and rotate mealworms with the other live food.

Mealworms are not a staple well-balanced diet. Adult bearded dragons can eat 5-6 mealworms per meal but not daily feeding.

Feeding bearded dragons with many amounts of mealworms may make them obese. However, female dragons who are pregnant can be offered more food than normal.