What Is The Best Outdoor Insulated Rabbit Hutch?

In the wild, rabbits would live in underground burrows to reduce the affect of temperature changing between summer and winter. This is why instead of the best outdoor rabbit hutch; you also pay attention on insulation of the hutch.

In order to helps your rabbits to keep warm and healthy throughout the cold winter and cool in the summer, we will introduce here outdoor insulated rabbit hutches and some advices that you may need to protect your bunnies from the harsh weather.

#1 TRIXIE Pet Products 2-in-1 Rabbit Hutch with Insulation

This hutch is ideal for rabbits to keep warm in the winter and be cold in the summer. There is the Styrofoam insulation in the outer walls for added protection, protects against cold. Not only that, the mesh windows feature removable plastic panels in front, which allow you to control the airflow, protection against draft.

Additionally, the use of solid wood construction, the finest materials, and a glazed pine finish making this hutch stay durable for years and take just a little maintenance. The hinged roof also has a special weatherproof coating, so you can rest your mind that your rabbits will be safe in this hutch.

#2 5ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch

This hutch is made of wood and wire mesh. All the wire mesh windows of this hutch come with the removable winter panels. When the panels are fitted, it will prevent draft, allow the light into the hutch but also ensure the optimal security for your pets

Besides, under the roof is a polypropylene twin skin rigid membrane with an air gap, which will keep your rabbits stay warm in the hutch as well as waterproof. The air gap provides an insulating barrier inside the hutch to help prevent heat loss. Being made of 10mm thick wood make this hutch last for so long even in the harsh whether.

#3 Tips to keep rabbit warm in winter

You should using straw, rather than hay to place or fill the gap inside the hutch or use it as the rabbit litter. This is because straw is thicker stalk than hay that will trap more air and better insulator. Your rabbit even can eat straw.

Using the cardboard to cover the inside wall of the hutch. Cardboard will help against draft and insulate. You can use cardboard to cover the sleeping compartment or nest boxes in the hutch.

Wet conditions can decrease rabbit’s body temperature very quickly, thus you have to ensure that the hutch is dry. Changing the bedding frequently so that it is always clean and dry.