Aquarium vs terrarium: Which is better for snake?

There are many tanks for housing snake to consider out there, which might cause your decision-making process to be more difficult, especially if you have no prior experience. Terrarium are generally most common type of enclosure for snakes.

While some other snake owner prefers to use aquarium to keep their pet snakes. Aquarium not come with any door but five side that designed to hold water.

#1 General snake enclosure requirement

Whether you choose aquarium or terrarium, it is important to ensure that they ensure some requirements below. The snake enclosure should be easy to clean, strong enough to protect your pet for a long period. Different species of snake have different space requirement, but as a basic rule, a snake needs a cage with a perimeter that is twice as long as the snake is.

When it comes to the heights, a snake will require at least 18 to 24 inches of cage height. Besides, the snake enclosure must be able to amount heating and lighting fixtures.

#2 pros and cons of terrariums

The biggest advantage of terrarium over an aquarium is that it includes a front door. The front doors allow you much more easier to access your snake, feeding, cleaning, maintaining the habitat than a lid.

Not only that, the best snake terrariumis designed with a screen top, this will ensure the well ventilation as well as more secure than an aquarium with an aftermarket or homemade top.

However, the drawback is that the glass terrariums are usually made of thinner glass than aquarium, this is because terrariums are not designed to hold the weight and pressure of water. Thinner glass means that they also less durable, and reduces the amount of insulation the glass provides.

#3 Pros and cons of aquarium

Many snake owners keep their pet in an aquarium but it is not an ideal enclosure for snake. This is because aquarium is not especially design for snake with dimensions not suitable. Though it is easy to find aquariums with 4 feet or more in length, and those with lots of height in the market. But these aquariums don’t have appreciate depth, with snake cages require about 18 to 30 inches of depth.