What is the Best home remedies to beat horse fly?

Aside from getting thebest fly spray for horses, it is even better to reduce the amount of flies that are around your horses. Not to mention the overuse of commercehas caused many flies to become resistant to fly spray.

In order to help you repel and beat the horse fly, this post will show you some natural home remedies for fly control that not only effective but also less costly as well.

#1 Feeding your horse with garlic

Sound very simple but this is one of the most effective ways. Garlic will create a strong smell that flies dislike. Garlic will increasesan alkaline pHlevelsin thehorse’sbody, while flies are attracted to acidic environments.

You can add a few amount of garlic in the horse’s diet and feeding them daily. But always remember to control the amount of it sinceoverfeeding garlic can lead to anemia in horses. The amount of garlic that you are allowed to feed them will depend on the size of your horses. You also should asked the vet for it before feeding.

#2 Prevention

As mention below, it is even more important to reduce the amount of flies and prevent them than getting the best fly spray for horse. In order to prevent and keep the flies stay away from your stable,keep it as clean and tidy as possible.

Clean the horse’s stable every day and remove any manure from their pasture regularly.Horses fly start their lifespan in the water, they also be attracted by the water. So you have to get rid of any standing water, wet areas, and rain barrels. Trying to keep the stable dry.Empty, clean out and refill all water troughs regularlywill prevent the growth and breed of flies.

#3 Avon Skin So Soft

Avon Skin So Soft is often recommended for fly control. You can use it for both human and pets. Adding it to your skin and horse’s body tocombat blackflies in the spring. It is not last for so long, so you have to reapply often.

#4 Essential Oils

The scents of certain essential oil are unpleasant to fly. Eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, geranium, lemongrass, thyme, lavender, tea tree, etc can keep fly stay away. Mix it with water in a spray bottle to apply it to your horse’s body. You can use the best horse grooming brushes to spread the oil evenly. However, the drawback that this spray will attracts dust.