Can I use only one single bulb in tortoise terrarium?

We all know that tortoise lighting requirement in the enclosure includes: enough white light to see as it will create night & day cycle, heat to help metabolize, and UVB light to help the synthesis of vitamin D3.

However, learning about the right bulbs and how to mount them in your tortoise terrarium are complicate tasks for any tortoise owner. Therefore, some owners want to keep things simple by using an all-in-one bulb, which will serve all your heating and lighting needs. Is all-in-one bulb really effective?

#1 What is all-in-one bulb?

In fact, you can satisfy all of your turtle’s light needs with one lamp, if you like. This lamp is mercury vapor lamps. Not only one of the best uvb bulbs for tortoise, mercury vapor bulbs also provide heat and daylight UVA. If you want to keep things simple or do not have a lot of space, this all-in-one bulb can be the alternative.

Mercury vapor bulbs also cone down in price quite a bit in compare with the past couple of years. Instead of using three or more separate bulbs, you can save a little money and energy cost to light you your tortoise enclosure.

#2 Is one single bulb really effective?

You need to be careful when providing UV rays and heat to your tortoise as you have to ensure that your pet will receive right amount of UV rays they need, both under supplying and over supplying will cause harm over time.

I would like to recommend you use separate bulbs for tortoise enclosure. This is because while every tortoise needs UVB, daylight, and heat, some need it in different quantities to others, and this all depends on where their species originates from. It is not sure that one single bulb can serve right amount of heat and UV as needs of your particular species.

#3 Why you should be careful with all-in-one bulb?

Visible light is usually within the UVA range, and while many UVB specific bulbs provide both visible white light and UVB, but not all of them provide the full spectrum of color, which can interfere with natural behaviors.

To ensure your tortoises have enough light they need, it is better to provide another light source for them. It can be ambient room lighting from a window, or another bulb for the enclosure.