What can I do if small animals won’s drink from their water bottle?

Providing the best small animals water bottle with clean and fresh water is an essential part of their daily lives. Fortunately, the vast majority of small animal will naturally learn to drink from their leak-proof bottles with ease. However, there are owners occasionally notice that their animals do not seem to know that the bottle is a source of water.

Small animals such as hamster consume about 4 teaspoons (20ml) per day. If your pets do not seem to drinking for a day or drink less amount of water than they need, so there are some things you can do:

#1 Teach them on how to use the water bottle

In the case if your pets do not know their bottle is a source of water, the best thing you can do is move your pets near the nozzle and tap the ball bearing at the sink to cause some water to drip out. You may even be able to get your pet to link a few drops of water that drip in your fingers.

Be patient and do this a few times each day and your pet should learn to drink from the bottle. Especially if you pets used to drink from water bowl before, it may take a few days to get them familiar with the new water bottle.

#2 Move the water bottle

There is also the case that your pets get hard to touch their bottle so they do not want to drink water. The place to mount the bottle will depend upon the size of your pets. The most important thing to keep in mind when placing your bottle is to keep it at a height which your pets can comfortably reach without contorting themselves.

Ensure that you do not place the bottle too high, so that your pets will have to stretch to tough it. It is also not good to place it too low as your pets may have to lean down and their head have to bent over to drink water. Ideally, they generally prefer to drink from the bottle that high enough for they can touch while standing on their hind legs.

This is the tips that you should place more than one water bottle in their cage, so that more than one pet can drink at the same time and you have a back-up if one of them is fail.

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