What are the best bird food for conures?

It is obvious that you should provide your pet conures the foods that are similar to what they eat in the natural environment if you want to keep a happy healthy and long lifespan conures. Luckily, housing a conures now is not a complicate task anymore since we have a number of commercially available pellet based foods.

However, among so many products of best bird food on the market, how could you know which one is suitable and nutritious for your conures? This list is high quality foods from reliable brands that your bird should consume for the optimal growth and health.

#1 Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Conure and Lovebird Food

This product available in 2 bag sizes are 4 pound and 25 pound. If this is the first time you introduce this type of food for your conures, it is better to get the smaller size until you make sure that you pet fully adjusts and love this taste.

The profile of essential contents are crude proteins (minimum 15%), fats (minimum 10%), and fibers (maximum 12%), what make it a complete and nutrition food for daily diet of conures. Not only that, it also provides Omega-3 fatty acids that support healthy skin and plumage.

Its formula is made by an avian nutritional expert, ensure that this is a healthy balance food. The food includes probiotics and prebiotics, which promote the digestive system and natural antioxidants for a healthy the immune system.

You just need to provide your conures this food only and do not need to add other supplements on the side as it contains most nutrients they need. However, some customers complain that this food has a strong smell, and their conures do not like it.

#2 Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix for Conures

This is a premium food with the reasonable price tag. It contains most ingredients that are heathy and provide energy for the conure’s activity. The Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix is the combination of fruits, veggies, wholesome seeds, and grains, which are ideal to promote conures strength and immune system.

It includes vitamins, minerals, and powerful Omega fatty acids, making the complete diet for birds, that means you do not need to provide your conures with other supplements to get a long healthy life. The nutrients profiles are crude proteins (minimum 15%) and fats (minimum 11%).

The ingredients are safflower, Canary seeds, millet, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coconut seeds, strawberries, spinach, carrots, and papaya. They are what conrues love to eat in the wide environment. They are also natural, delicious and fresh ingredients, this food does not use artificial flavors.

#3 Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Egg-Cite

If you are looking for the quality, rich nutrient food with the affordable price, this is what you should not skip out. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Egg-Cite available in two bag sizes are 3 pound and 6 pound. What Iike about this food is that it contains real eggs in the ingredients, which is a source of high quality protein, essential nutrients and fatty acids that your conures need for a long and healthy life.

There is Omega-3 fatty acids in the formula, which will promote brain, heart health and skin and plumage of conures. There is also honey in ingredients, it not only a source of vitamins but also add the sweet taste to the food. Besides, It includes vitamins B12 and D3, calcium carbonate, sunflower seeds, white millet, wheat, Canary grass seed, and cracked corn.

#4 Kaytee Fiesta Conure Food

This product includes the natural preservatives so it can be storage for longer and fresher than others. It is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids to improve the heart and brain health and also good for bird skin and the plumage.

Its ingredients are mix of fruits, vegetables, and seeds, making it comes with different shapes, textures, and colors. Due to it, your conures will be attracted by the food. It offers probiotics and prebiotics to promote a healthy digestive system. However, you should be careful that some birds will only pick to it the pieces that want.