37 photos to see the world: Japanese long-legged models wear leaf-style hip skirts

There are two places in the world that are famous for “carpooling”, one is India and the other is Africa (below).

Scotland’s naughty baby seal hugs a diver by his fin and won’t allow him to leave.

Boeing 737 sales receipts have the words “Flight Safety” printed on the bottom, and now it seems that it is better not to write.

An Eskimo woman looks like a giantess after being tossed into the air by friends with a blanket at a party.

A view of Tent Ridge, Canada, with golden larches and river winding through the valley.

In 1969, Hurricane Camille swept through Virginia, USA, with an average rainfall of 60cm in 12 hours, and even the birds were drowned in the trees.

The sign should not just say “There are bears nearby”, but also “What to do if you encounter a bear”!

In the 60s, Italian magazines predicted the year 2022, and “electric cars” and “segregation” immediately came to mind.

If a dragonfly landed on a cigarette every time I lit it, I would consider quitting.

Italian “mermaid” divers swim through Neptune grass, which absorbs carbon dioxide far better than tropical rainforests.

Perhaps it was the sight of a Tesla galloping away after a full charge in a parking lot that these cheetahs decided to follow suit.

A picture to understand the evolution process of a tornado, gradually sucking everything on the ground from top to bottom.

Swinging on a tree that doesn’t exist, this strange image reminds people that it’s time to pay attention to the protection of vegetation.

The deep-sea fish did not decompress well when they floated up, and then they would self-destruct from the inside, which is so pitiful.

This desktop computer has been converted into a “divergent computer”, and the heat dissipation effect is absolutely awesome.

Red-billed woodpeckers hunt for bugs on giraffes’ necks, and giraffes are happy to let them groom.

The ancient city of Jordan in 300 BC was shrouded in blood-red light, and this is where “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was filmed.

Malta is known as the “Back Garden of Europe”. Although the scenery is beautiful, you must pay attention to safety when dining.

Girls’ schools in Afghanistan, although they don’t have desks and seats, they are still full of enthusiasm for learning.

Emaciated polar bears rest in burrows in the Arctic, where the feeding season is shrinking as the climate warms.

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands are home to nearly 2,000 known species of fish in waters fringed by coral reefs.

In Cluj, Romania, as long as you complete 20 squats, you can get a bus “health ticket” for free.

The 2,330-kilometer Colorado River was over-developed by the United States, causing more than 100 kilometers of the river to dry up and fail to flow into the ocean.

This giant palace is actually the interior of a grand piano.

The mane of the male lion is very thick and shiny, and it is obvious that he is in his prime.

Native American girl in a traditional dress poses in a cypress swamp.

The shape of this orchid can attract more birds to help them pollinate and reproduce.

This American warehouse clerk is expected to be fired on the first day at our place, completely ignoring safety production.

“The World’s Largest Peanut” commemorative sculpture. After eating this peanut, it is estimated that you will drink a catty of liquor.

This is a “dynamic” way to build a snowman.

American designer’s economy flight chaise longue, the legs are comfortable to sit in, but I always feel out of breath.

The cartilage structure of a stingray is a perfectly symmetrical work of art.

This is the owner who made the moving company ashamed, and brought almost everything except the house.

The big ears of the African pale fox are not only very cute, but also have the effect of cooling down and sensitive hearing.

In 2014, the 1.59-meter Japanese setter and the 1.96-meter Brazilian main player stood together. This time Japan lost, and the average height of the Japanese women’s volleyball team is now less than 1.8 meters.

The 34-year-old Japanese model Nanao is 172cm tall and has 85cm legs. Wearing a leaf-style hip skirt has an excellent age-reducing effect.

The German waitress delivers 13 extra-large beers at a time.