34 eye-opening photos: the warm-up method of Japanese female sumo wrestlers

Mongolian children wear winter clothes and are wrapped in cotton to form a cute little penguin.

Norwegian killer whales rise out of the water to watch passing boats, and they may discuss hunting proposals.

This group of firefighters discovered the extended use of high-pressure water cannons ~ making people fly.

Why is only one piece of bread buttered? It turned out to be a white cat face.

A person without nails has no nails, and feels that he will have more discomfort when building miniature blocks.

The civil aviation engine equipment of Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom still retains the manual verification mechanism for every detail.

Not all rich people in Saudi Arabia rely on oil fields to succeed, and many people make their fortunes by growing dates.

Germany’s all-hydrogen-powered trains are planned for remote areas where electrification isn’t cost-effective.

The Kenyan breeder planned to leave after feeding, but the two baby elephants refused to let him go until they were full.

Turk Sultan Kosen has to use crutches to support a height as high as 2 meters 51.

The frozen fountain, it seems that this is a violent cooling that can freeze even time.

At the moment when groupers mate, this “egg cloud” needs to be combined under the arrangement of fate.

The structure of a classic car allows every movement of the driver to be seen clearly.

If you bring people who “sleep and roll around in their beds” to camp, can they be cured?

A rare lobster in which a male and a female fit together in one body.

The Amethyst Wolf Skull embodies one way in which strength meets beauty.

Triple Caves in Italy, these long, large caverns were formed by alluvial lava from a volcano.

The street lights you see while walking with your lover make you want to embrace and dance together.

The cheetahs in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya have become accustomed to the feeling of being surrounded by Internet celebrities.

A British woman has risked her photographer husband’s career next to Balance Rock in North Yorkshire.

At the scene of the car de-cylindering, people almost called a doctor to come over and help with treatment.

Before the sphinx was excavated, it should be called the human face, and the body of the lion was only revealed after the excavation.

This crab looks a lot like the first soldier to surrender in the trenches.

The diversity of creatures in the Mexican ocean makes me feel that this is the earth full of vitality.

This wine chair is well-designed and comfortable, and people with poor self-control may get drunk on it.

Just looking at this meat-shaped stone will make you hungry. I really want to eat braised pork.

Two baby elephants comfort each other after the keeper leaves: he will show up at dinner time…

The electric racing car powered by Tesla motors has been tested in the desert with a top speed of more than 350 km/h.

Rescued cheetah cubs from the trade, these poor critters were poached before their mothers had learned to hunt.

The wonderful Dutch table tennis game, the size and length of the rackets are constantly changing, making people dazzled.

The Yosemite Rift Valley in the United States can satisfy all fantasies about hiking, rock climbing and photography.

The female driver said apologetically: I don’t know what happened just now…

The image of “female sumo wrestler” created by Japanese movies.

The female sumo wrestler walks alternately, stomps hard on the ground, and slams wooden posts, all while concentrating on warming up without saying a word.