33 illustrations that satirize human nature

It is often said that society is the best teacher, it will teach us knowledge that cannot be learned in books and classrooms, in fact, in the final analysis, to survive in society is to deal with all kinds of people, from different people, we have learned Sincerity, kindness, hypocrisy, and deceit are a series of survival rules.

For some of the things we have learned in society, or the detours we need to take, many people have pointed out the correct way for us to move forward. These people are illustrators who draw satirical illustrations. These illustrators use their own life experiences and experiences to record the problems and thoughts they encounter in the form of illustrations. This kind of interesting illustration works will make us very easy to accept. And gain insights from it, which is one of the reasons why many people like to see satirical illustrations.

Recently, an illustrator named Chen Ben created many wonderful satirical illustrations with unique painting methods. These satirical illustrations are full of humor and witty feeling. If you appreciate these works carefully, you will I found that in his illustrations, besides the superficial humor, there are deeper meanings.

Every satirical illustration is an interesting story, and every illustration is telling us a truth. Reading these illustrations and understanding the thoughts conveyed by the illustrators is much easier than we can understand. The knowledge acquired in this book is much more important.

Xiaojiang selected 33 satirical illustrations created by this illustrator named Chen Ben, let us enjoy them together.

raccoon piano

battle of robots

elegant little mermaid

hot air balloon

warriors and devils

Conquer the stars

defend the earth

clown and batman

snow white story

children’s magic

lone wolf and sheep

hulk life

sculpture and puppy


cat and teacher

cake of fear

Pinocchio’s story

goldfish bubble

space and popcorn

a game

past story

apple and bug

mr potato

new century bear

forest projector

life of a vampire

good friend

game of the moon

poor banana

primitive art

old dinosaur

Mr. Magnet’s Distress

evolutionary path