15 Hilarious Husband Fails That Prove Wives Are Basically Saints

1. This husband, who accidentally booked himself in business class and his wife in economy:
nixjcorc / Via instagram.com
2. This husband, who sent his wife Mother’s Day flowers with this special message on the card:

emily.trest / Via instagram.com
3. This husband, who made this pancake portrait of his wife for her birthday:

donniepstuart / Via instagram.com
4. This husband, who came to his wife’s rescue when she needed him most:

heartsreward / Via instagram.com
5. And this husband, who put a few boiled eggs outside in below zero temperatures to cool:

being_mom77 / Via instagram.com
6. This husband, who put his plate “away” after dinner:

barbdittert / Via instagram.com
7. This husband, whose wife asked him to pick up some tampons:

mrs_tonya_b / Via instagram.com
8. This husband, who left this amount of paper towel on the roll:

donnanies / Via instagram.com
9. This husband, who could never make it as a wildlife photographer:

crappy_will_make_you_laugh / Via instagram.com
10. And this husband, who used regular dish soap in the dishwasher:

rebekkawalker / Via instagram.com
11. This husband, who tried to get his wife’s tampons — he really tried:

wheretheeffismyhandbook / Via instagram.com
12. This husband, who isn’t exactly Bobby Flay:

Jack Palmer-White

When you attempt a nice ‘welcome home’ breakfast for your wife and turn the oven to grill instead of fan… #husbandfail

02:09 PM – 17 Dec 2016
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Jack Palmer-White
13. This husband, who accidentally texted friends about his wife’s waxing appointment:

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14. This husband, who had one job:

paowow / Via instagram.com
15. And this husband, who replenished the toilet paper the way only a husband would:

chronicledchaos / Via instagram.com