15 Delivery People Who Deserve A Huge Raise

1. This person who wasn’t about to let porch thieves get their way:
u/ecoohill / Via reddit.com
2. This person who made sure the customer was taken care of:

u/HipHappinenGrandma / Via reddit.com
3. This person who got creative when delivering a package:
4. This person who took one extra step to make sure the package stayed intact:

u/machoyd / Via reddit.com
5. This person who delivered a note of gratitude along with some food to a worker at a healthcare nonprofit:

u/RickMod19 / Via reddit.com

“It was an honor to be your delivery driver today. Just want to say, ‘Thank you,’ for all you do. Also, to let you know that you are appreciated. May you be blessed to the fullest. Have a great day, your Uber Eats driver.”

6. This person who came upon a lost wallet and returned it to its rightful owner:

u/aradactilvpire / Via reddit.com
7. This person who wrapped a package in some plastic so it wouldn’t be damaged by the rain:
u/dadwithoutaplan / Via reddit.com
8. This person who didn’t have to do this, but did it regardless:
9. This person who found the perfect hiding place:

u/allseeingeye420 / Via reddit.com
10. This person who was happy to oblige by the delivery instructions:

u/_gypsy_queen_ / Via reddit.com
11. This person who saw a package that was left in plain sight by a different driver and made sure to hide it behind a pillar:
u/Rlavinbb / Via reddit.com
12. This person who thought outside the box:

u/bookspaghetti / Via reddit.com
13. This person who was flagged down by the victims and drove them to get help:

WSBTV / ABC / Via wsbtv.com
14. This person who delivered a special treat to a special pup:

u/mtnmarkk / Via reddit.com
15. And finally, this person who protected the food at all costs:
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