14 Creative Billboard Advertisements

Billboards are usually pretty boring, and really only serve as an eyesore. But sometimes people get really creative and produce cool billboards like these:

Birds carrying away some Nestle’s cookies

Kill Bill volume 2. I don’t think that amount of blood does the movie justice

Ravensburger Puzzle Co., pile of rubble meant to resemble White House puzzle pieces. Meh.

I like this one, it’s a billboard for Bic razors. Think of the field as a bunch of pubes.

Pond’s facial scrub. Apparently that is a giant pore, and there is a guy inside cleaning it. I don’t know, the concept of little men in my pores is mildly disconcerting

McDonalds McShakes. The cholesterol makes them thick. Mcmmmm.

Heinecken billboard, with the shaped of a giant hand reaching through to grab it.

Some sort of toothpaste that gives you strong teeth, and apparently uncontrollable, destructive rage as well. Hulk mad, hulk smash!

Jobsintown.dc’s advertisement. I’m not sure what it means, but I find it’s subtlty quite charming.

Hate dropped calls? Yes I do, but what I really can’t stand is shoddy billboard craftsmanship. Shame on you Cingular, learn to build a sturdier¬†advertisement.

A BMW ad in Russia. It was actually the result of several DUI accidents, but they decided to turn their lemmons into lemonade.

This one is neat, almost looks doctored, not sure if it is. Though I hear the company had to get a restraining order against Ted Kennedy.

Two really cool paint ads.

I’m not sure what country this is in, but apparently safety isn’t a huge concern.