What should I look for in the label of ferret food?

Ferret require a diet of meat products that are typically high in, rich in healthy fats (for energy), low in carbohydrates and fiber. But this is just a guide, it is not easy to obtain good quality commercial ferret foods available out there.

The best diet for ferret is to always leave dry, pelleted food with them. However, you should carefully read the label of the food products and make sure that the product you choose is formulated specifically for ferrets, contain most nutritious ingredients, and rich in nutrients. Don’t be afraid to check the back of the bag and make sure you are getting what your ferret needs.

#1 Ingredients

You should need to read the ingredient list on the packet to make sure that the pellets are made of the most nutritious ingredient. In the ingredient list, the ingredients are listed from highest to lowest quantity.

Due to this, the best food for ferret should contain a meat source such as chicken or lamb as the main ingredient (not fish). They should always be the first ingredient in the list. Besides, avoid foods that include grain or corn.

#2 Protein

Look for a minimum of 35% to 40% protein according to the nutrition analysis on the label. In the first 6 ingredients, you should ensure that there are any things that do not have high-quality proteins or fats. Beware the use of corn gluten, soy meal, rice gluten, and other vegetable or grain-based proteins that may boost the protein content, but are not useful to ferrets.

Another option for providing the protein your ferret needs is with kitten food. This has high protein, and is a suitable base diet for ferrets.

#3 Healthy fats

Your ferret needs at least 20% fat in its diet, up to 30%. Poultry fat is a good source of fat as it balanced in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. This is a difficult part to determine the fat contents of ferret food due to its label of ingredient list or nutritional analysis. The fatty acid quality and balance are affected by processing as well.