Best Bearded Dragon Food: Tradeking natural dried crickets VS. Fluker’s buffet blend

In the enclosure, bearded dragons require good living conditions and proper care to live a happy healthy life. One of the most important aspects of bearded dragons husbandry is feeding them with the right food.

Bearded dragons are not picky eaters; they tent to accept any food that you give them. But you also should vary their diet so that they will not get bored with their food. The following is two of the best bearded dragon food, that will provide for their nutritional needs: Tradeking natural dried crickets VS. Fluker’s 76041 buffet blend bearded dragon formula.

#1 Ingredient

Ingredients are the first factor when choosing food for bearded dragons. It is better to get the natural ingredients that your pets prefer to eat. Avoid anything that contains artificial additives, preservatives. Reading the labels of the food carefully to make sure it is safe before feeding your bearded dragons. A thorough understanding of product information is a must before choosing any food at bearded dragon supplies.

Tradeking food is the meal package that will keep your pets happy healthy since it contains 100% dried crickets without any fillers or artificial toxic chemicals. It is quite troublesome and not easy to keep live crickets. So these crickets have been packaged is the ideal food for your bearded dragons. Moreover, crickets are also the favorite food of bearded dragons.

Ingredients of Fluker’s Buffet Blend includes freeze-dried mealworms, freeze-dried crickets, corn, chicken meal, tomato pomace, corn gluten meal, fish meal, poultry fat, soybean oil, fish oil, coconut oil, fructose, and some other nutritional supplements. These ingredients made a balanced diet of pellets with dried insects.

#2 Nutritional value

Tradeking includes: Protein: 56.0% (min) Fat: 16.5% (min) Fiber: 7.0% (max) Moisture: 10.5% (max). As you can see, this food is a rich source of protein for bearded dragons. These crickets are even gut loaded before being packaged to ensure giving your bearded dragons with additional nutrients they need.

However, there is the note that this food tends to provide much more protein and fat than an adult bearded dragon needed or they would be obese and overweight. So this food should take a maximum of 20% of bearded dragon diet. Or you can mix this food with salad too feed your pets.

Fluker’s Buffer Bend nutritional values are Protein: 29.0% (min), Fat: 6.0% (min), Fiber: 5.50% (max), Moisture: 9.50% (max). This food will provide your pet with a balanced diet. You can serve you bearded dragons this food as the complete meal.

So on the busy days, if you do not have time to prepare the meal for your pets. This food can be the best idea since it contains the right proportions that bearded dragons need to stay healthy and satisfied.