Tips For Using Sheep Hoof Trimmers

When the sheep hoof is overgrowth and becomes curl around, it can easily cause some diseases for your sheep such as foot rot, arthritis and other bacterial foot diseases.

Moreover, the sheep cannot move around while grazing can get hurt and hard to digest their food. If the situation lasts for long, it can lead to the sheep dying.

Cleaning and trimming regularly is the secret to keep your sheep stay healthy and happy. Even when you are getting the best sheep hoof trimmers, trimming sheep can be a bit challenging for the keepers who do hot have much of experience.

How to properly trimming sheep hoof?

Trimming hoof often:

Frequently trimming them on a regular routine basis but do not forget to trim at the correct angle. Once you leave the hoof is overgrow and curl around, it may get harder to trimming and make your sheep difficult to walk and get the bad effects on their pastern and knees. The best sheep hoof trimmers will help you do it without much difficulty.

Purchase on the good sheep hoof trimmers:

Not all the sheep hoof trimmers available out there are the best goat hoof trimmers. Investing in a quality device that will last for years with proper maintenance.

There are some factors that you should look for when buying trimmer are sharpness, harness, edge holder, carbon steel blade, etc.

Trimming little by little:

If the hoofs are very long, do not cut it for just once time. Trim small amounts more often until it reaches to the proper length.


When the hoof is trimming, there are some dirt may be trapped under the curl hoof, ensure that you will make it clean and remove any dirt.

After trimming:

When you finished your work, allow your sheep to stand on the floor for a few minutes. If you see any blood is bleeding, you should spray the hoof with a wound spray or fill the wound with the corn-starch.