Screen Cages vs Glass Tank: which is better for chameleon?

Although keeping a chameleon as a pet is a rewarding experience, it is quite a challenge for new owners. If you are one of first-time owners, you may get confuse about the debate over screen and. glass enclosures.

This is because they are really only two types of material to consider when looking for best cage for chameleons. I have successfully kept my chameleon in both glass and screen enclosure. Here are the pros and cons of them base on my own experiences.

#1 Price

Since chameleons are arboreal, they prefer a tall cage but that still have large ground area. Ideally, the generally accepted dimensions for a minimum size chameleon cage for an adult is 2′ x 2′ x 4′. However, it is quite difficult to find reasonably priced glass enclosures with adequate dimensions. Large glass enclosures are extremely expensive.

However, screen cages are always significantly cheaper than glass cages. You can easy find many option of screen cage that be made tall for chameleons within a very reasonable price.

#2 Ventilation

Chameleon cages need good air flow to properly ventilate their humid environment. Lack of ventilation can lead to the development of respiratory problems in chameleons. This is another pro of screen cage that it ensures that the chameleon terrarium is well ventilated and fresh air circulates in the cage.

On the other hands, one of the biggest problem with glass tank was poor ventilation. Glass cages are difficult to ventilate properly. When choosing a glass tank for chameleon, it is better to ensure that the one you choose have a screen cover that fit on the top of the cage.

#3 Temperature and humidity regulation

This is the plus point of glass tank especially if you are living in the too cold climate. A glass cage is probably better for maintaining humidity levels and temperature in the cage. But you also should prevent overheating in the glass tank.

For smaller chameleon species, glass terrariums can be utilized. This is because younger and hatching chameleons require high humidity level to properly growth. You just need to ensure that the glass enclosures you choose are specially designed to maximize airflow with ventilation.