In A Fire, Of You Don’t Move. He Understands Why And Tears

June 10, this, California has undergone a number of forest fires devastating. When Roland Hendel woke up that morning, he immediately smelled smoke, and understand that he will have to leave the premises to no risk of being trapped in the fire with the family.

So, the whole family began to prepare while the flame was there. But what to do with the animals on the farm? The family decided to cram the cat and into a truck to save them from the flames. But the one – Odin – stubbornly refuse to move. He doesn’t want to leave the goat and nobody can make him hear reason.

“I’ve cried, and make decisions sentenced to death Odin and the goats precious of him when I leave our farm.”

A very difficult decision for Roland Hendel and family, but necessary. A few hours later, Roland Hendel back to the field to see the damage and he has the surprise of her life.

A watchdog hero

In front of him was Odin of him, and he’s not alone. Him keep the goats alive in the fire, and even a few baby deer snuggled into him.

Is a real hero, Odin did everything to keep them safe for his friends. And he’s doing pretty good for the goats healthy, and it only takes him a beard and a little hairy because of the fire. A true hero on feet!

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