After A Number Of Complaints, Including Those Protected Pirenópolis, The Animals Abandoned And In Situations, Being Mistreated In The Kennel Of Abadiânia, To Be Rescued

In recent days, what is seen on the social network is a series of complaints about the abusive and terrible conditions of the environment of the animal trapped in a cage in Abadiânia have been abandoned since the arrest João de Deus, when the city lost many visits of tourists and residents to find a cure. The crib survived thanks to the contributions.

The cats and are found in an embarrassing situation, all very skinny and sick, but thanks to a special task force between the agency and other entities themselves began to be transferred into yesterday (27). The changes made by the team from the secretariat of Environment and sustainable development (Semad), who have introduced the animal to the clinic and shelter partners.

Kennel, located in a farm, is the target of an operation of the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the police, Civil and Military. . In total, 45 and 24 cats are raised in sanitary conditions, poor health was in decline, in the small space, and there is little food.

The management Authorization and Monitoring animal Semad, Brunno Alves de Oliveira Brito, explained that the work of caring for animals will be divided according to the health situation of him. “Everyone arrested. Those who have the condition less debilitating than go to foster care through a term of the trustee and who has fragile health, most will be introduced directly to the veterinary clinic partner to be special care, “he said.

Team of veterinary medicine Semad began, still in place, the report to support a violation notification. The person responsible for this venue must be framed in article 34 of the Law on Environmental Crimes (abuse, mistreatment, injured or mutilated wild animals, pets or domesticated native or exotic animals) and in article 29 of the decree of the law, have the penalty is calculated by group in R $ 207 a thousand, with the possibility of aggravating factors if the health of animals go bad.


According to the directory, after the reception and recovery, a screening will be done to introduce 69 animal to adopt. This work will be done in common between the structure of the government, the ngos, the environmental activists, and society in general.