Abandoned Dog Fall Asleep Pray When She realizes She is finally Safe – Dodo

Chú chó bị bỏ rơi ngủ thiếp đi ‘cầu nguyện’ khi nhận ra cuối cùng mình cũng an toàn

“Tôi thực sự cảm thấy như cô ấy rất biết ơn.”

Một ngày nọ, Suzette Hall nhận được một cuộc gọi đau lòng từ một chủ nhà ở Nam California. Một hoang, gần đây bị gia đình chị bỏ rơi trong một công viên bên kia đường, tiếp tục lang thang quanh khu phố của người gọi —và chị bắt đầu trú ẩn trong bụi rậm của người phụ nữ đó.

“Công viên đầy chó sói, nhưng cô ấy thấy mình an toàn hơn ở khu phố bên kia đường”, Hall, người sáng lập giải cứu chó Logan Legacy, viết trên Facebook. “Chúng tôi phát hiện ra cô ấy sẽ ngủ cùng một sân.”

Suzette Hall

When Hall arrived at the woman’s house, she spoke with a group of neighbors who’d attempted to rescue the dog before. However, the pup had refused to let them get close.

“Everyone tried so hard, but she was so scared,” Hall wrote. “When I pulled up … I could literally feel her fear and sadness.”

Suzette Hall

With an impending rainstorm threatening to come down at any minute, Hall immediately jumped into action. She set her humane dog trap with delicious snacks and waited for the dog to get near.

The timid pup inched closer to Hall, but she was too nervous to enter the crate. Hall decided to give the dog some space by driving away from the trap, and she was soon surprised by the little one’s reaction.

“[S]he ran after my van,” Hall wrote. “She knew I was safe, and she knew I was there to save her.”

Hall got out of her van and, with the help of baby gates, corraled the dog into her trap. Hall felt an overwhelming sense of relief when she’d successfully captured the dog — and the group of onlooking neighbors had the same reaction.

“All the neighbors were watching, and they cheered when I finally had her safe,” Hall wrote. “I was so happy she was safe, too.”

Suzette Hall

Hall carefully lifted the dog, whom she named Iris, and placed her in the front seat of her van. As she drove to Camino Pet Hospital, the dedicated rescuer looked down and nearly burst into tears when she saw how Iris was sleeping.

Iris fell asleep with her head on the seat’s armrest and paws were clasped together in a prayer position.

“It felt like she was really praying,” Hall told The Dodo. “She went through so much, and it really felt like she was so grateful.”

Suzette Hall

Iris’s prayers were answered when Hall saved her. The sweet girl went on to meet her new friends at the vet clinic, where she received a clean bill of health. She’s getting ready to go into foster care soon, where she’ll finally experience true love and care for the first time.

Hall hopes to find a forever family for Iris soon. But for now, she’s overjoyed to know that the sweet girl is resting in a warm home, just like the one she’d prayed for.

To inquire about adopting Iris, reach out to Suzette Hall on Facebook.

To help pups like Iris get the help they need, you can make a donation to Logan’s Legacy here.