17 super-crazy design wharfs that “make you want to give your knees to the designer”

When you use the product, have you ever thought about who invented this thing? In fact, if you think about it carefully, every designer is unprecedented when creating an item, which means that they must think of “something that others have never thought of”, and then use perseverance to put their ideas into practice! So it would be reasonable to say that being a designer is one of the greatest professions in the world. The foreign website “Brightside” compiled 17 super crazy designs that make you unconsciously want to kneel to the designer, which will definitely break through everyone’s general understanding of these items!

17. Bottled water like dumbbells.

16. Webs designed for humans.

15. This sidewalk signal button has this tool designed for the blind so they can know how many lanes they have to cross and the direction of traffic.

14. “Finger biscuits” that allow you to eat without sticking your hands.

13. The pier becomes a deck chair.

12. “6-pack” bread.

11. Shanshui from Australia, with the words on the bottle: “death liquid”.

10. The bicycle rack in this dentist’s office looks like toothpaste has been squeezed out.

9. In this way, only one bottle can solve the problem!

8. It is packaged as a hot sauce like a bomb.

7. The other half of the restaurant’s signboard is made of shadows.

6. A bench that looks like a book.

5. Bookmarks in the book also have their own world.

4. Scissors that can perfectly cut cardboard and plastic.

3. Allows you to sew the passport cover of which countries you have been to.

2. Reasons that make you fall in love with sports:

1. There is warmth everywhere in this world!