Everything is an illusion! 15 “funny trompe l’oeil photos”: it’s only when you look at

Seeing is not necessarily believing. Although it looks like that, there are many times when the brain misunderstands. For example, these 15 photos will make you think this way. This is just an illusion, and it doesn’t scare me~

#1 There are flying saucers outside the window! In fact, it’s just the windows reflecting the lights in the room.

#2 Best Weather Broadcaster

#3 He really is a piece of cake

#4 Much like a laptop movie theater

#5 Someone smiling at me from the car window?

#6 Acrophobes beware! But it’s just a squirrel

#7 Help me! !

#8 Got a spider at the bottom of the bottle? !

#9 Shark

#10 is the arm of the lady in front…

#11 He’s Jupiter, not some wetland

#12 His pattern is pointing to my middle finger

#13 Ice Cream

#14 Is there a shadow behind? !

#15 Thought there were five bald heads in the car…