Years The Main Cause Of Dog Vomiting, Related Exposure Classification To Clarify!

Now the dog more and more, probably because normal life is boring, want to feed a pet to make friends with yourself, add some vitality to the family, but also can help relieve stress physically and mentally.

But when a dog new discovery, is also not as good as imagine, there will be all kinds of unexpected situations to be solved, such as dogs appear vomiting, drag dilute, skip meals and so on a variety of issues.

When dogs have problems vomiting, the officer emotion analysis need analysis based on the vomiting of dog and take measures to effectively deal as soon as possible. Because physical puppies relatively weak, vomiting can they appear dehydration, serious still can lose network dentist!

So, the officials feelings stool quickly learn specific causes of vomiting dogs, and methods of coping.

Firstly, diet is not all

Many children have bad eating habits, such as eating too fast or eating too no. Mostly dogs have no concept of food, just food for dogs to eat not preserved the mouth and very easy to choke or be eaten prop. In this case, can lead to vomiting, also easy to cause indigestion.

Type of vomiting is usually physiological, do not need too worry, related exposure just plays the good the daily diet of the dog, don’t let it eat too no it’s fine. ~

Monday, change diet

The digestive system of dogs is relatively easy to hurt, if you eat a type of food, suddenly change the type of food or brand, will cause stomach upset in dogs, which can lead to vomiting.

If you are ready to change the food for the dog, it is best mixed with food earlier, provides for the stomach and the stomach of an adapted process.

Tuesday, ingestion of foreign bodies

There is also a common cause of vomiting in dogs is ingestion of foreign bodies. The ability to distinguish the food of puppies are poor, sometimes will eat some food, messy, because digestion not all will use the method vomiting spit out.









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