The Skinny Dog Is Locked Outside And Her Whole Life Is Finally Learning How To Be A Dog After Being Rescued

It’s National Pet Rescue Week and the Animal Rescue Website’s 21st birthday!

We hope to celebrate by providing 3 million pet meals, but we need your help. Please join us in our mission to provide pet food at shelters across the country. Animal shelters and rescues are in dire need of nutritious food for pets because new pets arrive daily.

Join us in our mission to raise shelter pets across the country, like Gidget.

Photo: The Underdogs Rescue

Gidget was this year’s spokesperson and just one of those whose lives were saved in part because of your generous food donations.

The shy pit bull has spent his whole life outside on a heavy leash and has only a dirty old shack to shelter. She can never run and play like a puppy, nor ever show any kindness.

After three years of abandonment, her master finally decided to surrender to her in extreme cold. The Underdogs rescue team came to rescue her but were unable to remove the leash around her neck so they took it with them. She was taken to a warm shelter.

Photo: The Underdogs Rescue

Sweet Gidget is in terrible shape. She arrived emaciated, anemic, rife with roundworms and whip worms, and had an infection in her mouth. She also tested positive for heartworms and had fluid in her abdomen that could be a sign of heart damage.

The journey to recovery is long, but Gidget has finally experienced love so it’s all worth it. She has gained weight and is starting to come out of her shell.

Photo: The Underdogs Rescue

She was treated for worms and started a nutritious diet, provided by your generous donation to the GOODS program. Her devoted foster family was delighted to see her begin to breed a happy and healthy dog.

At first, she was extremely nervous and spinning around outside, but now she’s playing and even zooming in in her backyard.

She is spoiled with a comfy bed, a few toys as well as unlimited cuddles and affection. Car rides and leash walking were still underway, but for the first time in her life, she realized she was safe and loved. She will remain in her foster home until she finds her permanent home.

This incredible transformation required a dedicated team of lifeguards, caregivers, and support from programs like Greater Good Charities’ COMMODITIES Program to provide nutritious pet food and supplies to rescue shelters and animal shelters across the country. This ensures that the animals are fed and allows the shelter to use the money saved to care for pets in desperate need, like Gidget.

Photo: The Underdogs Rescue

Rescue pets like Gidget across the country who need your help. July is one of the busiest months of the year for many shelters and rescues, and more animals means more hungry stomachs. Food is the biggest expense for shelter and is an expense they struggle to afford on their minimal budget.

That’s where you can help. Together, we can help nurture and care for these innocent animals until they find a permanent home.

Celebrate National Pet Week by giving a tax-deductible gift. Zesty Paws® and Solid Gold®, pet brands within the H&H Group and supported by the H&H Foundation, will generously match any donations made during National Rescue Pet Food Week July 23-29, meals for meals, up to 7 million pet meals!

Help us reach our goal of providing 3 million meals to hungry pets in shelters. Just $25 will ship 500 meals—donate now to help.