‘World’s Most Responsible Kitten’: 6-Week-Old Kitten Takes Care Of Three Newborn Kittens

Sometimes animals’ instincts are so strong that they care about other animals despite all differences. A great reflection of such a case is this 6 month old kitten who was taking care of a few newborn kittens.

According to this post on the Facebook page of KC Pet Project (a rescue in Kansas City, Missouri), the 6-week-old black cat was f.o.u.n.d with three newborn kittens. The man who f.o.u.n.d them said that the kitten was taking very good care of the newborn kittens.

It is not known if the kitten is a sibling or not but one thing is clear; The kitten takes on the role of guardian angel. He acts like a very caring “mother” to them and KC Pet Project has dubbed him “the most responsible kitten in the world.”

The name of the most responsible kitten is Binx and the three little kittens are named Ollie, Frankie and Ziggy. Seeing their warm family, no one could separate them so they were brought home to be raised.