Warm Pleasure Of 10 Puppies Of Lessi

Warm pleasure of 10 puppies of Lessi
In Erzurum, a dog, kangal name is Lessi gave birth to 10 puppies a month ago. Dog kangal sweet warm around the fire in the garden in the cold weather.

In the village of Ormanağzı county Olur Erzurum, dog, kangal of Asım Özderir name is Lessi gave birth to 10 children in a belly.

In the city where the winters are very harsh, the pups gather around the fire in the garden to avoid being affected by cold weather. Puppy lined up next to each other to create these beautiful images.

Say that she can donate the puppies for the people who want them after they wean, Asım Özdemir said, “Kangal we buy when we are still puppies were born 10 months ago. I set fire to prepare food for dog mom. While the pot is boiling on the fire, these pups are gathered around and enjoy the heat. (DHA)

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