Video: Husky forms the sweetest friendship with man experiencing homelessness immediately and changes his life for the better

A once-homeless man whose life has now been turned around owes it all to a husky.

Bruno Zvaigzne was living rough on the streets of Paris last summer when a good Samaritan, Thibault Laurent, was out walking with his dog, Sora.

Recalling their first meeting, Laurent, 36, told The Epoch Times that his two-year-old husky stood motionless, staring at the man when he first saw him.

“It was during a walk on an unusual route, at the crossroads, that they first encountered each other,” Laurent said. “Sora stood hypnotized at Bruno’s gaze and smile.”

After a few seconds, Sora wanted to jump into Bruno’s arms but being “full of preconceptions” Laurent restrained his dog, asking him to sit. Politely greeting the homeless man, Laurent commanded his dog to follow him. But, Laurent said, Sora did not move.

“It was very weird because he is very obedient,” Laurent said, recalling that he tried putting Sora on a leash and leading him away, but the husky stayed stubborn and refused to budge.

“Then Sora looked at me with that look only dogs have to beg their master,” Laurent said. “So, I looked at Bruno and asked him with my eyes if Sora could go see him.”

The stranger responded with a big smile, so Laurent took the leash off Sora’s neck and let him go. Sora took no time to literally jump into Bruno’s arms. “He stayed in his arms hugging and kissing him for a good ten minutes,” Laurent said.

(Courtesy of Thibault Laurent)

It was this instant and most unusual bond that led to the sequence of events that altered the course of Bruno’s life.

Every morning after that first day, Laurent, who works as a sports coach, went to visit Bruno with a coffee, a croissant, and a husky hug.

One day, when he was looking for his wallet before heading out, Laurent’s girlfriend happened to ask why he was taking it along on a dog walk. After explaining his new walking ritual, she asked him to make a video for her. He did, uploading it to TikTok as he’d done with other Sora videos and the views exploded.