Tips For Choosing Good Substrate For Leopard Geckos?

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Leopard geckos make excellent pets since they are docile, easy to care for, friendly and do not require anything complicated to live in the enclosure. However, in addition to choosing a properly aquarium, substrates are also an important factor that impact your leopard gecko’s well being.

Making the wrong choice could lead to some serious health problems or even death for your leopard gecko. In this article, we will provide some tips for choosing the good substrate for leopard geckos.

What to look for in Leopard gecko substrates?

We all know that there are many options of substrate out there for leopard geckos tank. The simple options such as paper towels and newspapers seem to be good but it does not allow leopard geckos to perform some natural behaviors. Also do not choose any rough substrate that might hurt your geckos as well:

Natural and non-toxic substrates: Choosing the substrates that made of natural and non-toxic material will ensure the safety for your pet

Aid to burrow and dig: One of the natural behaviors of leopard geckos is burrowing hole. You should allow them to do this even in their cage by adding the substrate that fine and soft enough for digging.

Easy to clean: Whatever substrates you choose, you have to clean it frequently for at least once per week. Choosing the bedding that easy to clean, remove and disinfect will save you lots of effort.

Ingestion risk: Sometimes your geckos may ingest the substrate when they are eating their food. So do not give them any substrates that can harm or cause an intestinal obstruction for them.

Substrates to avoid

Gravel, wood chips, corn cob, wood shavings, walnut shells are some substrates that you should avoid using for your leopard geckos, especially for the baby ones. These substrates can come with some risks that may cause disease for your pet.

Sand also the controversy substrates because of the risk of impaction and ingestions of these substrates. Ensure that you just use this substrate for the healthy adult leopard geckos.