Three Dogs Tortured To Death, A Birth And 17 Children Poisoned At The Shelter In Sevillian

Three dogs tortured to death, a birth and 17 children poisoned at the shelter in Sevillian

The animal shelters often do not provide information about the location of them in an easy way. They only do that with people who adopt or volunteer potential and you often won’t know how to find them on your website or your Facebook of them, especially if they have no supervision at night. The reason is simple: in order to avoid to find the boxes for dogs front of the door, throw zoo through fence, theft of animals to fight, to hunt, shoot and avoid actions, savage.

What happened in El Saucedo, Seville, beyond definition, and the barbarians. Chat about El Saucedo don’t have name, just like what happened many years ago with mastiffs Regina in Caircaxent, who was raped and tortured to death , or later in Tarragona, where they used a chop saw legs of fifteen puppies . I wish that was the case, the only thing I thought of.

In the early hours of Friday, some psychopath dangerous when they are grazing attacked shelter El Sueño de Mufie and killed three animals after torturing them in a barbaric way, in addition to poison seventeen other dogs.

They tell more detail in an article by the newspaper XYZ prepare, this newspaper spoke with the commissioner the local council and curator shelter; Also with Vega, a veterinary assistant has explained that:

The attackers took aim at Kira, a dog about to give birth , Reyes, a coming and a dog hunting rabbit, who has led them to “torture in any form, can’t describe, to then kill them by destroying them with a block of cement.” . The source city, is this newspaper reference to ensure that the images they find when to shelter as “dantesque, a real mistake” and explained that in addition to death and poisoned animals, the perpetrators of the brutal attack on the shelter for dogs also has caused all forms of destruction , as well as theft of food for cattle.

As I told you few paragraphs ago, someone had the ability to do things like this is also the danger to their peers. If anyone can provide any clues that can help police Forces and Civil protection determine their position, don’t hesitate to do so. They are investigating to find out the feet, the legs of this.

There is information about how to help them on the page Facebook of the shelter .

We can’t live in horror, put your hands up and digest anger, sadness every time get the case of excessive abuse like this. What you have to do is take the vehicle to determine the location of the heartless creature, that the soul gray have committed the crime this brutal and have laws allowing them to pay according to his actions rather than maintain the status for the crime is widespread today.

We owe Regina, Kira, Reyes…

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