The Little Tuxedo Rescued From The Streets Gets The Friend She Always Wanted

There’s nothing like a successful rescue story to give you a warm feeling inside.

When a tiny Tuxedo kitten is rescued from the streets, she finally reaches the perfect place and finds the best friend she could ever hope for. Meet Ripley!

Ripley the Tuxedo was f.o.u.n.d in a cat colony in Los Angeles when a TNR (trap-returned) rescuer heard her C.r.ying.

It is believed that she was the sole survivor of her litter. Even though she was very weak, she still managed to C.r.y out loud, but she definitely had a very strong will to survive.

Ashley Kelley is an adoption volunteer with Wrenn Rescues and when she heard about Ripley, she knew she could help little Tuxedo.

“Ripley has the strongest spirit and she is not ready to give up. I don’t think she would have survived much longer if rescuers hadn’t f.o.u.n.d her,” she said.

This tiny kitten needs around-the-clock care, he is very dehydrated and cannot feed himself.

But 18 hours later, she had taken 10 grams and was finally able to latch on to her bottle. She is on the road to recovery.

Ripley’s appetite increased daily and with proper medical care, good food and comfortable beds, she enjoyed good health. But because of her poor start in life, she still had a lot of growing to do, and at 5 weeks old, she was the size of a 3.5-week-old baby.

Soon after, Ashley was contacted about another kitten in need of foster care, so she decided to adopt it and give Ripley a companion.

This little tabby was f.o.u.n.d alone in a tree. Some children heard his screams and tried to bring him to safety, but sadly he was left with only skin and bones. The rescuers decided to name him Pikachu.

He was also taken to Wrenn Rescues, where he received the medical A.t.t.e.n.t.i.o.n he desperately needed. “Four days later, he was like a new man. He’s very energetic, goofy and adorable,” Ashley said.

“Pikachu is the sweetest guy. He loves face rubs and belly rubs, and he really can’t get enough human affection. I’m glad he didn’t have to grow up on the streets.”

The tabby boy, now cured, is ready to meet Ripley, who has been waiting for this moment.

When Ripley was first introduced to Pikachu, she immediately came up to him and wanted to play. He is a bit shy at first but Ripley is determined to make him her friend.

Within just a few minutes, the two little kittens became as famous as if they had always been friends. They spend all their time together playing with toys and following each other everywhere.

“They are linked in the best way possible. You can pick one up and the other won’t panic, but will stay close to watch their friend. They sleep together for all their naps and they groom each other.”

It’s clear to all that they are growing strong as a couple and this is helping them grow stronger every day.

“It works really well because they’re both so small, but they’re the same size and age, down to the ounce. They were friends.”

Every morning, you can hear their soft cries until breakfast is served.

Ripley seems to be the stronger of the two but she always shares toys with her tabby brother.

They both seem to appreciate the little things in life, especially each other’s companionship.

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