The Kitten Won’t Go Anywhere Without Its Teddy Bear After Being f.o.u.n.d Alone Outside

This adorable kitten has been carrying her cuddly teddy bear everywhere since she was f.o.u.n.d outside alone.

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A kind-hearted woman from rural Indiana discovered a little surprise in her barn one morning last month.

As she started to do some work, she heard animals calling in the barn. She followed the sound to the corner, and there, a small kitten, about 10 days old, was lying alone on the cold concrete floor.

The Good Samaritan quickly grabbed some straw and wrapped it around the kitten to try to keep him warm. After several hours of waiting for the mother cat to return, there was still no sign of the mother cat or the other kittens. She decided to intervene when she noticed the kitten’s body temperature starting to drop.

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She brought the little bundle of fur home and tried to feed it to the best of her ability, but the kitten had difficulty eating. Knowing she was in trouble, she contacted Catsnip Etc , an all-volunteer rescue organization, for help.

“When we got the kitten, he was hungry, a little dehydrated, and full of fleas,” Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc tells Love Meow.

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With the help of an experienced bottle feeder and the right food, the kitten named Cricket finally closed his mouth and began devouring the formula. After brushing away the pesky fleas and filling the kitten’s belly with nutritious food, Cricket perked up and looked very satisfied.

That night, the kitten fell asleep on a soft, heated bed, next to a teddy bear clutching him tightly.

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Baby Cricket recovered immediately after a few days of round-the-clock care. She eats and gains weight like a champ. From day one, she craved A.t.t.e.n.t.i.o.n and spoke up about what she wanted.

The sweet kitten insisted on having a cuddly friend by his side 24/7. When her adoptive mother is not present, she will cling to her trusty teddy bear and fall asleep, her arms wrapped around it.

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“She really loves her teddy bear,” Missy told Love Meow. She has carried it with her since the day she was rescued and it follows her everywhere.”

“A teddy bear is someone you hug when you sleep and makes her feel more secure.”

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Cricket really needs everyone’s help because she has always been a bottle-fed baby. Her teddy bear has become her best friend when.e.v.e.r she needs a hug, alongside her loving foster mother.

When she’s ready to start getting vaccinated, she won’t go to the office without a comforting companion. Cricket hugged his teddy bear tightly throughout the visit. It gives her a sense of security and makes the sweet kitten’s experience much easier.

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“She is extremely sweet and adorable. She likes to cuddle with her foster mother when she is tired and play with her mother when she is awake. All she wants to do is be with everyone,” Missy shared with Love Meow.

Even when hanging out with her human friends, she insists on sharing every cuddle with a teddy bear.

Cricket the kitten and her teddy bear Catsnip etc

Cricket is entering a phase where her personality is emerging and her energy levels are increasing every day.

“She is definitely more outgoing and likes to run around and play. She realized how fun toys can be.”

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The pint-sized kitten has grown into a striking leopard kitten, but some things remain the same.

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Cricket and her teddy bear are a package deal. When she is old enough to be adopted, her future family will have the honor of taking them both home.

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