The Kitten With Extra Toes Came To The Family Cat And Insisted On Being Her Friend

A family plans to foster a kitten for a few weeks, but the kitten has other ideas.

Erica Goren

A stray kitten with extra toes and curly ears was brought to a shelter in Los Angeles last year. She was very scared and overwhelmed by the noise at the shelter and needed a foster home.

Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of the Friends Rescue Network , offered to help. Jacqueline shared with Love Meow: “When I first got the kitten, it hissed and spit. But only barking, not biting.

That tough exterior quickly faded when the kitten arrived at her foster home. Erica Goren and Nic Pappas planned to care for the baby until they f.o.u.n.d the right home, or so they thought.

Erica Goren

The kitten, who they named Domino, came out of her shell when she realized she was in safe hands. She warmed to her adoptive parents and snuggled into their arms.

Charlotte, the resident cat, is curious but hesitant when meeting a newcomer. She kept her distance for a while, but little Domino was very excited and couldn’t wait to run to greet her new friend.

Erica Goren

“She was the first person to love Charlotte more than her adopted child,” Erica shared with Love Meow. She immediately wanted to be Charlotte’s friend.”

“Charlotte is scared of the little fluffy things but she allowed herself to be closer.”

Erica Goren

Charlotte sniffs around the little kitten to get to know her better, but Domino immediately becomes overly enthusiastic about her.

The little leopard immediately latched onto the Siamese cat and began following her everywhere around the house.

Erica Goren

The moment she saw Charlotte, all she wanted to do more than eat was be near her. Domino would run up to her and hug her head and not take no for an answer.

“Her personality is starting to show and she really wants to be friends with Charlotte. Every chance she got, she tried to run to the Siamese while the big, silly cat started running away.”

Erica Goren

Charlotte is initially unsure how to deal with this kitten who doesn’t understand the concept of privacy, but Domino is determined to win her affections.

After many days of perseverance, the lively kitten actually grew up on the house cat. One day, this happened – she got her first bath from her new best friend.

Erica Goren

The little flame completely dissipated as Charlotte groomed and loved her. The kitten was happy to know that he would n.e.v.e.r be alone again.

Watch the kitten’s journey in this video:

Kitten with extra toes and feline friend

When it came time to find Domino her forever home, Erica and Nic knew she had f.o.u.n.d it.

Erica Goren

They love the little leopard kitten and can’t separate her from her best friend Charlotte.

“Domino became a ‘foster failure’ and is now a permanent addition to our family,” says Erica. We love her and are forever grateful.”

Erica Goren

Domino just turned one year old a few weeks ago. She caught up with Charlotte and the two were closer than ever.

They do everything together and n.e.v.e.r sleep alone.

Erica Goren

The kitten with extra toes went to her foster home for a chance at a better life. Now she is living the dream with her best friend and people who love her to bits.

Erica Goren

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