The Kitten Discovered In The Office Building Was Sympathetic To Everyone And Decided To Trust And Purr

A kitten was discovered at an office building, seemed friendly to everyone and decided to trust and purr.

Beans kitten @beandipburrito

Taylor Nichols heard what sounded like a cat when she went to work late last month. When she investigated, she discovered a small kitten lying alone inside a cardboard box.

“The kitten was f.o.u.n.d in a box in a closed area in an office building near Van Nuys, California,” Ryann Torrero shared with Love Meow. “At first the boy was very scared and uncertain about people. Being so small and without a mother or siblings, it’s completely understandable.”

The kitten named Beans hesitantly stepped out of the box. He hisses, cries, and uses his instincts to threaten and hide. “After a little patience and love, Beans realized this person was not a threat and began to trust.”


Slowly but surely, Beans came out of his shell. When petted on his back, he made the sweetest purrs and made Taylor scratch his head even more.

Knowing that the kitten was alone and needed care, Taylor put out a call on social media in hopes of being rescued. That’s when Ryann saw the posts and she sprang into action.

He came out of his shell and started trusting @beandipburrito

Ryann picked up the kitten that afternoon and contacted her local rescue group, Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles), to ask about foster homes for the kitten.

“I told her we were full but we would support her and take him into rescue if she could foster him. And she agreed,” Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, shared with Love Meow.


“That day she went to get things and I instructed her how to take care of her child. Beans are about 5-6 weeks old and are eating wet food like a champ.”

The first night home, Beans was a little nervous but tried his best to trust. “He will hide under the bed and then come out for a bit to get some cuddles and pets, then run under the bed again,” Ryann told Love Meow.


The next day, Beans mustered up his courage and escaped with a new attitude. He is no longer afraid and begins to play with toys and explore his new home.

Check out kitten Beans in this cute video:

Kidney beans

“We started to see his very happy, loving and mischievous personality.”

Beans was delighted to be clean and flea-free after a much-needed bath. He turns into a soft ball of energy, running around the room and zooming.


“After a few days, we could see Beans’ confidence and understood that he was safe. His personality came through clearly.”

Beans is reveling in his new life as an indoor cat. He has good food, plenty of toys, and warm beds, but most importantly, he has a loving foster family that caters to his every need.


Ryann and her boyfriend take turns to hang out with Beans, who has brought so much joy and entertainment to the couple over the last few days.

“He is extremely curious and mischievous. He loves to cuddle and to be in close contact with his people. He purrs anytime he receives lovings and cuddles. He is precious, funny, sneaky, sweet and everything you could want in a kitty.”


“Beans loves to lay in the sun in the afternoons, fall asleep touching you somehow, chase his little soccer ball, sneak attack if you’re not paying A.t.t.e.n.t.i.o.n,” Ryann shared with Love Meow. “He has so much fun challenging himself with jumping off things.”

The little shy kitten has transformed into a major love-bug. He is enjoying his VIP life and soaking up all the A.t.t.e.n.t.i.o.n.


“The best part was seeing him fall asleep with a full belly, after a warm bath, in big fluffy blankets knowing he was safe. Now, he’s the cutest, happiest, fluffiest little bean burrito.”


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