The female artist is good at body painting

Body painting is an ancient and fresh art of painting, including painting and tattoos, both of which use the human body as a creative carrier.

It is said to be ancient because as early as thousands of years ago, in order to pray for blessings and totem worship, the aborigines in Africa and America painted their bodies colorfully with mineral pigments, or drew various patterns of birds and beasts on their bodies, and finally formed a kind of custom. Today, some indigenous people in Africa and America still continue this cultural tradition.

The reason why body painting is fresh is that modern people regard body painting as a carrier of aesthetic concepts. During the creation process, they must be created according to the curves and structure of the human body, as well as the temperament characteristics of the model itself. Just paint on the color, or draw the pattern willfully, and lose the aesthetic meaning of body painting.

After all, the carrier of body painting art is a living human body, so it is called three-dimensional flowing art. The model painted with body paint is a beautiful moving scenery, which can bring a very strong visual impact to the viewer.

It is precisely because body painting is created on models that body painting has been criticized by many traditional artists. People criticize it for two main reasons.

First, body painting abandons traditional painting tools such as canvas, drawing board, and paper, and challenges traditional aesthetic concepts and creative techniques.

Second, body painting has become an eye-catching prop for some businesses. Especially in some auto shows, in order to attract attention, the merchants deliberately smeared on the invited models to achieve their own goals by playing around the edges.

In fact,Body painting is very popular among young people. If you pay attention when walking on the street, you will find that many handsome men and women have painted or tattooed on their bodies, which shows that this art is very suitable for the consumption psychology of young people.

The biggest difference between body painting and traditional painting is thatTraditional painting is to draw a three-dimensional sense of space and three-dimensionality in a two-dimensional space, while body painting is to draw a two-dimensional picture on a three-dimensional human body, relying on exquisite composition and rigorous creation.

Alexa Mead, a famous body painting artist from Washington, USA, has brought people a new visual experience with her unique and novel perspective over the years.

Alexa Mead is a blond beauty under 30 years old, very artistically talented, through self-taught, and finally quite famous in the circle. She majored in politics in college, and often participates in artistic creation in her spare time.

After graduating from university, in order to fully release her artistic talent, she became a designer and taught herself oil painting.

One day, when Alexa Mead was designing, she had a sudden whim: what would it look like if black paint was painted on the shadow of a person’s face?

Immediately afterwards, she realized that although body painting is only to paint on the human body according to the requirements, it does not allow the human body to be combined with the entire scene and become a 2D oil painting.

While all painters are pursuing to make flat paintings more three-dimensional, she does the opposite and wants to turn the real world into a flat surface.

Once the idea came up, she experimented with it, believing it could become a new style of body painting.

To that end, she specially concocted a non-toxic, hypoallergenic paint that was safe to experiment on models.

After more than a year of trial and error, she finally created a body painting that can be compared to oil painting.

Alexa Mead’s body painting is similar to other body paintings: they all use the human body as the painting medium.

The biggest difference is: she endows the color painting with an oil painting style, and the creation requirements are all painted in accordance with the standards of oil painting. On the model’s body and clothes, she uses an oil brush to meticulously draw the essential elements of oil painting such as color, brush strokes, light and shadow, and so on. The styling itself is the models and other backgrounds.

After the model is integrated with the whole scene, if the model is still, the viewer sees it from a distance, and it is almost the same as an oil painting.

Alexa Mead revealed to the outside world that the most troublesome part of this creation is not the difficulty of composition, but the time.

In order to reflect the realistic oil painting effect, it takes her about 2 hours to paint a piece of work from the head to the shoulders, and it will take longer if other scenes are added.

Alexa Mead said: Blurring the boundary between life and art is the theme of my expression. Art is higher than life, but it comes from life. Everyone understands this truth. I have to finish this kind of work in one day, I can’t let the model go home to sleep with oil paint and say goodbye the next day.

When many viewers see her work for the first time, they will subconsciously regard it as an oil painting. However, when the viewer concentrates on it for a few seconds, they will find that the body of the “oil painting” is rising and falling with breathing, as if it is alive. When the “oil painting” stood up, stretched and walked away, only the audience stood there dumbfounded. All viewers who have appreciated her works are full of praise for her creativity and works, calling her works “real-life oil paintings” .

Regrettably, each of her “real-life oil paintings” exists in the world for only a few hours. After the works are displayed, the models will wash off the oil paint on their bodies, turning from “oil paintings” into real people. However, she will record each of her “real-life oil paintings” by taking photos. Therefore, her works are both ephemeral and eternal, and their artistic charm is enough to leave a deep impression on the minds of all viewers.

Sometimes, Alexa Mead would take her “real-life oil painting” to the streets for display, and passers-by felt incredible when they saw it. She bluntly said that she enjoyed people’s surprised expressions, and the audience’s reaction gave her a sense of accomplishment. She will stick to this art in the future and bring more surprises to people.

Artists must have keen artistic thinking and unique sense of innovation, which Alexa Mead possesses, and her artistic thinking and sense of innovation are worthy of reference for all artists.