The dog that was put in a box and thrown in the trash was saved.


When a guy heard a sound coming from a trash, he was compelled to go there. When he opened the door, he saw a big cardboard box inside that was taped shut. A 5-month-old dog who has now been given the name “Sally” was inside the box when the man picked it up and cracked it open.

The dog’s tail was wagging in such a manner that it was rhythmically beating against the sides of the cardboard, which was covered with blood.

Director and Executive Vice President of Dallas DogRRR, Patti Dawson, stated:

She is not diminutive. Sally weighs 35 pounds. She had a tremendously difficult time picturing how [her prior owner] had managed to get her into that box.

The dog that was locked in a box and thrown in the trash had a hope of survival – Juligal

Pat commented:

You might say that he was actively seeking to leave. Blood can literally be found where his legs were if you examine where it is.

Nobody is certain of Sally’s precise length of confinement, although Patti surmises that it was a few hours.

She uttered:

“I’m not sure how long it could last being in the heat.”

Sally was imprisoned in the box, had scabies, and a fever when she was discovered. The man brought her home to Dallas and did everything he could to save her.

“At first I felt drowsy. She simply laid there after getting it out, but she soon began to drink; I believe she drank nine bowls of water. She was quite dehydrated.

After posting a selfie on Twitter begging for assistance, Sally’s rescuer decided to call the city shelter, who immediately agreed to take the puppy in.

After reading the Twitter tweet about Sally’s predicament, Dallas DogRRR contacted the shelter to arrange for her removal.

The dog that was locked in a box and thrown in the trash had a hope of survival – Juligal

She was picked up by Patti, who is still in awe of how nice this b*tch is.

Pat commented:

“In the more than two years that I’ve been working in rescue, I’ve never received an embrace like the one she gave me during our first encounter. She is unquestionably the most understanding and nice female. She gave me a whole 15 minutes of face-to-face hugs and kisses. She surrounded me with her paws as she was sitting on the ground.