The Decade Of The Dog Dirty: The Annual Competition Showcases 10 Top Makeup For Dog Shelter And Awards Of $ 15,000 For Rescue Organizations

The decade of the dog dirty: The annual competition showcases 10 top makeup for dog shelter and awards of $ 15,000 for rescue organizations
–Wahl in partnership with the Greater Good Charities and Lee Asher to demonstrate the power of the brush at the same time support adoption dogs–

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Supporters of animal Lee Asher cooperation with Wahl to spread awareness about the importance of grooming when receiving a dog. Contest Dirty Dogs annual 10th donation widgets grooming and funds for the rescue operation and shelters across the country to add support for their efforts.

STERLING, Ill. (21 months 10 years 2021) – January 10 is the Month adopt a dog shelter, so this is the perfect time to acknowledge all those individuals who has devoted her life to helping the homeless animals. And while rescue organizations work tirelessly, the sad truth is yet to come a half of this dog to receive the grooming needed due to lack of resources. The influence of the abandoned or vagabond life on the streets can often overshadow the beauty inside these dogs and they are often the foster family despise. That is why the industry leaders pet Wahl and Greater Good Charities would cooperate again for competitions Dirty Dogs are often every 10 of them. They donated toys, grooming, at the same time, those who rescue and shelter had to share the photo makeover remarkable Before and After — including 10 times molting top for dog shelter 2021.

From now until February 9 and 11 year 2021, the poll of the public will decide the three dogs that rises above the lead; and the organisation associated with the dog, this will get a total of 15,000 dollars funded by money to add support for their efforts – 10.000 dollars will belong to the winner first place!

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The dog shelter, there are remarkable story to tell, so to help give voice to The dirty, Wahl again working with supporters animal Lee Asher . Those who love dogs is a dog of their own and some people will say that Lee Asher, who is leading the team. After traveling across the country in the past few years with the team 11 dog rescue her, Asher is operated animal sanctuary new building of his own in Estacada, OR, receiving the animals at risk in danger while continuing to educate people about the rewards of rescuing dogs.

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“Dogs love us unconditionally; they do not concern us look like However, unfortunately, not always people also respond help that,” Asher said. “There are too many dogs deserve to be ignored just because of the looks of them, which is why I’m delighted to help shed light on the importance of grooming when adopted. The grooming of good can change the life of a dog; they not only feel healthy and happy more than that last character’s they can also shine. Sometimes, just so that can capture the hearts of the new man of them.”

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In the past 10 years, Wahl has made its mission to support the adoption of dogs by donating toys, grooming for pet for rescue organizations and shelters across the country. In fact, last year, Wahl has sent thousands of comb, shampoo bottle and many other things to the shelters affected by Hurricane Ida. Thanks to the donations like this, hundreds of thousands of dogs are being transformed and ready to adopt; and every year, 10 of the molting most impressive was selected to join the competition Doggy (

Visitors to the contest page can see each dog looked like when to a shelter or a rescue mission as well as how they change after they are grooming. They can also learn more about the origins of the dog and share the things we love on the social network. Most importantly, their votes decide the three winners highest. The shelter and rescue groups affiliated with the dog winner will receive the grant money to add support for their efforts. To celebrate the milestone of 10 years of the competition, the first prize was doubled to $ 10,000! Other awards also increased, with location Monday received $ 3,000 and location Tuesday received $ 2,000. Contest Dirty Dogs takes place from now until 9 April 11 2021. To vote for one of these dogs, please visit .

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Introducing the Wahl Pet Products
Wahl offers a full range of solutions grooming for your pet, help the grooming at home becomes safe, easy and fun. This line includes sanitary products, trimmer and accessories. Every year, Wahl is also dedicated to bring animal shelter a new beginning by donating products, grooming for your pet to support the efforts adopted and hiding places devastated by natural disasters. For more information, please visit .

Introduction to the Greater Good Charities
Greater Good Charities , is a non-profit organization national 501(c)(3), with rated 100/100 on Charity Navigator , works to amplify the good things in the world aimed at improving the health and well-being of people , pets and planet. Since 2007, the Greater Good Charities has awarded more than $ 350 million in cash and kind for more than 5,000 partners from around the world and funding for the project in 121 countries. So far, the charity Greater Good has supported more than 28 million for disaster relief due to the epidemic of COVID-19, including cash aid, supplies and support under the program. To learn more about how Greater Good Charities are amplified good things globally, please visit or follow Facebook ,Instagram or Twitter , YouTube and TikTok .

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