The Blind Dog Locked In The Pantry Now Lives Like A King

Marley’s Mutts

Marley’s Mutts

When Splinter got sick, he was banished to the pantry.

His owner was unsure of what he had to endure and did not want him to infect other animals.

So he spent his days and nights in complete isolation, while the disease robbed him of his fur, his sight, and most of his hope.

Marley’s Mutt

But one day, the pantry door opened. The owner was reported for hoarding animals. Authorities took Splinter to a shelter in Shafter, California.

Marley’s Mutt

Doctors found a 6-pound tumor attached to his spleen.

It’s Cushing’s disease , a disease that causes hair loss, skin infections, and a unique pot-bellied appearance. Not to mention the extremely uncomfortable feeling of having a tumor the size of a soccer ball pressing on your internal organs.

It also left Splinter permanently blind.

Marley’s Mutt

Marley’s Mutts , a rescue group based in California, pulled Splinter from the shelter. And introduce him to a world that is bigger and better than he has ever known.

Marley’s Mutt

As it turned out, Splinter suffered from countless afflictions. An ear infection left him temporarily deaf. And he had severe worms and testicular cancer.

Marley’s Mutt

But all of that, thanks in large part to an online campaign that raised $17,000 for his medical expenses, is now behind Splinter.

Ahead of him is a world he can trust again. And a world that you can swim into.

Marley’s Mutt

About a month after his rescue, Splinter found his forever home with Trisha Ekema, who lives outside Bakersfield, California.

She happened to go look at adoptable dogs at Marley’s Mutts.

“When I logged on to the website, I saw Splinter staring at me and I fell in love.”

Nearly a year after finding his real home, Splinter still hasn’t grown much fur back. Only the occasional strand of hair and patches of fluff.

You can still see some of the wounds and scars from the infection on his skin – the battle scars of a dog that has been through hell. In fact, his entire body is a testament to what he’s been through.

Trisha Ekema

After the tumor was removed, Splinter’s organs shuffled around his body, giving him a unique appearance. Ekema likes to call him “yamandillo”.

“Because he looks a lot like an armadillo, except he’s colored and shaped like a sweet potato,” she said.

Trisha Ekema

Today, the dog who once lived in the pantry has become a real celebrity on Facebook, attracting more than 16,000 people to his page .

And make no mistake, Splinter is king.

“Splinter only has this ray of light. He was very determined. If he didn’t want you to pick him up, he wouldn’t let you.”

But his bond with his adoptive mother was unbreakable.

“He was constantly looking for me,” Ekema said. “He always smells. I’m probably the first person to be with him all his life. I am like his North Star.”

Trisha Ekema

“He was just a happy guy,” she added. “He just wanted to sit outside.”

On his beanbag throne, of course.

Trisha Ekema

Do you want to give a dog like Splinter a real home? Consider bringing home a shelter dog through .

Watch a video of Splinter’s incredible journey below – and follow his continuing adventures at Team Splinter .