The 62-year-old man draws pictures on “hair” and “toothpicks”

Today I want to share with you a group of “miniature art” works, all of which come from a 62-year-old man, the one below.

The 62-year-old grandpa also likes to travel, and he will go to many places to take different handsome photos as a daily record.

Similarly, he is also doing what he likes, such as painting, but! The carrier of his paintings is extraordinary and even admirable and surprising.

Why do you describe it that way?

It stands to reason that when a person reaches a certain age, his eyesight will definitely not be as good as before, and it will gradually fade away, but his eyesight is not only better than that of ordinary young people. Believe it or not, let’s take a look at his amazing paintings. This is a sesame stick Oh no, Take a closer look and you will see his work from a small sesame.

A bird resting on a branch resting on the melon seed shell is really lifelike~

Beautiful dusk on the small pearl shells.

The scenery and sunset on this toothpick can’t be seen clearly, so don’t enlarge the photo to see~

Beautiful snow scene on watermelon seeds.

This is a portrait of a person on a grain of rice.

On the matchstick, the painting is also very realistic, so you can tell which world famous person it is.

Draw on the tip of a needle, have you found it?

You can even paint on a grain of sugar

The most “abnormal” still belongs to this – on the hair

Seeing this, I believe that many friends have opened their mouths unconsciously. This is not painting, it is obviously a skill and a “super power”.

Sure enough, artists can always create 10,000 miracles in ordinary daily objects. This powerful uncle is Hasan Kale, a miniature artist from Turkey.

He can create beautiful paintings out of almost anythingNo matter how thin, tiny, or ordinary the carrier is, until now, Hasan Kale’s career has been more than 40 years. He has created more than 1,000 miniature works, which not only attract countless fans from all over the world, but also opened a museum of his own to show everyone. These works.

Hasan Kale is also known as a gifted artist. Since he was 5 years old , he liked to draw and went to primary school. He has mastered painting portraits and landscapes. After graduating from university, he became a professional painter and dabbled in jewelry design. an industry.

Becoming a miniature artist was an accident in the afternoon of that year, because when his friend Hasan Kale came to a coffee shop to drink coffee and admire the beautiful scenery outside the window, he had the urge to draw them, but he was helpless. He didn’t bring any tools when he went out, so he looked at the coffee in his hand, and he had an idea.

Because the warm yellow light in the sunset is similar to the color of coffee, he began to create a beautiful landscape with coffee stains along the wall of the cup. It was this accident that made him discover that painting is not limited to the so-called Carriers such as drawing paper can try to continuously challenge and break through more possibilities…

At the beginning, Hasan Kale would continue to explore from the objects around him. After painting these daily objects, he tried to break through himself and started on tiny objects, but it is not easy to paint on these tiny objects. It requires not only excellent eyesight It is even more difficult to create a realistic picture with accurate proportions of characters

But Hasan Kale was not discouraged by repeated failures and kept trying to practice for several years and even went to the hospital because of overuse of the eyes. From blurry picture to slowly forming and finally becoming lifelike , he finally succeeded…

As the saying goes: Although the sparrow is small and has all the five internal organs, every small thing has a unique hole. It can be said that each work of Hasan Kale is a miracle, a miracle created by artistic techniques .

Until now, the 62-year-old Hasan Kale is still immersed in his own miniature art world. Although he has to use instruments to paint because of his age, he said, I am very happy to continue my career. Art has infinite possibilities. More fields will be waiting for me to discover…

OK, that’s all for what I want to share with you today, thank you for watching.

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