The 10 Greatest Mullets of All Time

10. Here we have Mario Lopez, aka AC Slater, sporting the classic Latino Mullet. They are usually slicked back, and often curled. They are every bit as spicy as the Latino boy toys that sport them.

9. Here is David Bowie, sporting the Punk Mullet aka the Munket. It is usually dyed a bright color, unwashed and unkempt. Not the neatest of the mullet breeds.

8. Here we have Florence Henderson displaying the classic “Femullet.” The femullet can run the gamut from pitbull rage to the dreaded “come give me a hug” attitude that you get from the aunt you haven’t seen in 15 years. It is strongly recommended that when viewing or photographing a femullet, you do it from a safe distance to ensure your own well being.

7. Ah Patrick Swayze. Here he is sporting a Execu-Mullet. The Execu-Mullet is a cross between the executive cut, and a mullet. It is truly business in the front, party in the back.

6. Here is John Stamos, AKA Uncle Jesse, sporting a pretty mullet. These mullets are often accompanied by over styled, fluffy hair.

5. Andre Agassi, sporting the Sportullet. This sporty mullet is usually sun bleached, and often either curled or fluffed by excessive running.

4. Here is Richard Dean Anderson. He is sporting a pretty mullet (see #6). It was a shame he lost the look before Stargate SG-1. That hair would have brought a whole new depth to the show.

3. Chuck Norris, known far and wide for his Kung Fu Mullet. The Kung Fu is most often sported by Asians, but Chuck doesn’t break stereotypes, he tortures them to within an inch of their life, and then eats them for breakfast. Interesting fact, there is no scalp under his mullet, just another fist.

2. Billy Ray Cyrus. His mullet is so unique, and has undergone so many changes, that it is simply know that the Achy, Breaky Mullet.

1.This Guy. I don’t know who he is, but I like his style. Anyone willing, let alone desirous to sport this style deserves a medal. Go get ’em tiger. This is a classic The “I Think You Missed a Spot” Mullet. Everything looks good and clean cut, until whammo! Mullet.