She Is “Muñeca”, The Dog That Prevent A Kidnapping

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Saturday morning this week, a dog named “Muñeca” got a bullet in person when and to prevent the deprivation of liberty of a minor.

The incident occurred in the city of El Mirador. The owner of “Muñeca” said the dog to realize young girl is the man who armed the chase began barking them and thanks to them, the young girl was able to safe place, but unfortunately the animal was shot.

The owner of “Muñeca” tell EL DEBATE that at first she thought that “Muñeca” was dead, but after a few minutes they realize that it is moving, that’s when she said with son-in-law that will take it to the vet. where she is treated wounds which he had presented.

The owner of the dog said: “They sewed the wound for her, ointment treatment of infections and reduce pain. The cure that we spend of 300 pesos”. Fortunately the dog is recovering.

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