What are different types of powder measures?

If you want to measure the powder for every single round that you reload, then the powder measure is absolutely essential. It helps you administer the amount of powder that you need in each bullet. But which one is best for you?

Before decide to get one, you should read powder measures reviews of other users and it also important to know the different types of powder measures as there is no one real solution for everybody.

#1 Volumetric Powder Dippers

The volumetric powder dippers are the most basic type of powder measure. To perform you just need to dip a measuring spoon into your powder and measuring the weight on a digital scale to make sure that you got the right amount.

The advantage is that volumetric dippers are a lot cheaper than other types powder measures. It even so cheap that it is often included when you buy oher reloading tools. It is also easy to use for biginners. However, the consistency when use volumetric powder dippers method is often questionable. Many people believed that measuring by weight is more accurate than by volume.

Volumetric powder dipper is quite tedious and take you much of time to getting the right amount of powder.

#2 Automatic Powder Dispensing Scales

As the name suggest, these powder measures will dispense powder onto a scale automatically and get the right amount of powder as well. Digital powder dispensers come with some major technological advancements. This type of scale is best used with a single stage reloading press. Although they promise a fast, smart, and accurate operation, you should use it to measure small to medium volume reloading.

The drawback is that these scales require more effort to maintain. You will have to calibrate it initial and ongoing to get the best result.

#3 Case Activated Powder Measures

This method can be considered as best solution for the majority of reloading. You can both mount these powder throwers to a reloading press or use it separately. They are have the basic design, with the powder container the calibration, and the dispenser that throws the amount of powder you have set it for.

Some improvements case activated powder measures today are designed to be smoother operation and can be used with any press from the most basic single stage to the most expensive progressive press.