Patience And Infinite Food: Important Tools For Rescuing Abandoned Dogs

Patience and infinite food: important tools for rescuing abandoned dogs

Last updated article on 17/11/2016

So, with a lot of patience, a hunting dog can be rescued. In this case, Galgos del Sol said, they achieved it with the help of a 14-year-old girl. She, Angela, took care of leaving the dog food for several months! This is how he managed to convince him to stay in the same area and little by little, he gained his trust. And so Canela’s new life can begin.

Canela is now safe in the Galgos del Sol shelter in Murcia. There, they would take care of her until someone fell in love with this beauty and gave her a new home.

As you know, before the tragic situation of the greyhound in Spain , there are countless associations responsible for trying to help these beautiful dogs.

This is also the case with Galgos en Familia, in Malaga: Abla Kadiri went there to photograph dogs looking for new homes, in order to help them get more attention through beautiful photos like these.

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