Mother Shocked When Her Dog for a Walk With A New Smile – The Do

Mẹ bị sốc khi của mình bước vào với một nụ cười mới lạ

“Mọi người trong nhà cười rất nhiều. Thật bất ngờ”.

Đây là Mailo – một chú chó ngọt ngào không yêu gì hơn là mang lại niềm vui và tiếng cười cho gia đình.


“Thằng bé có một tính cách đặc biệt”, Lola, mẹ của Mailo, nói với The Dodo. “Sự thật là, anh ấy siêu dễ thương và hài hước.”

Nhưng một ngày khác, Mailo đã tìm ra một cách mới để làm cho gia đình mình mỉm cười – bằng cách tự mình nở một nụ cười hoàn toàn mới.


Recently, Mailo and Lola spent the weekend at her grandmother’s house, relaxing the days away. But in that peaceful lull, Mailo evidently decided to start exploring the place.

Lola had only taken her eyes off the pup for a few minutes in another room. However, when Mailo came strolling back in, she noticed something about him was a little different.

Mailo suddenly had a beaming grin — unlike any he’d had before.

“I was very surprised to see it,” Lola said. “It made me laugh a lot.”

Turns out, Mailo, moments before, had discovered Lola’s grandmother’s dentures —and proceeded to wear them like they were his own.

It was an unusual sight, to say the least.


When Lola’s laughter subsided, she retrieved the dentures from Mailo’s mouth, washed them thoroughly and placed them out of the dog’s reach.

She didn’t have to inform her grandmother what had happened, but she did anyway, showing her the video above.

“[My grandma] laughed and laughed,” Lola said. “Everyone in the house laughed a lot. It was unexpected.”

Unexpected, just as Mailo likes it.


In the end, there was no harm done to the dentures. What was left is a memory of a smile that Lola and her family will smile at forever.