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The male student watched in horror as the man raped the dog on the bridge

In broad daylight and in public: A 40-year-old man attacked a dog and raped her in front of multiple witnesses.

Poor bitch after being sexually abused. ©  Twitter/Screenshot/@myPALclub

The crime happened in mid-July on a pedestrian bridge in the Wagle Estate area of ​​the city. According to Gulf News, the boys were on their way to some wild places in the afternoon because they wanted to feed them.

Suddenly they saw the 40-year-old man raping his four-legged friend and immediately informed Aditi Nair, an animal rights activist in the area. He reported the incident to the police, but according to the man, they “got away with it.” 

Local animal welfare organization “PAL Thane” then got involved and published photos of the abused dog on its Twitter page on July 22 and a video on Instagram the next day. 

There they wrote, among other things: “This is Rani as we found her after the incident. Rani’s case is an animal rape case. What are the chances of justice in an animal rape case in a country where human rape is not taken seriously? Almost 0…”

Police responded to anger on social media

And more: “But YOU can change that. If we share Rani’s case so much that it reaches all the important people in our country and they decide to help Rani, we can bring justice to RANI… We must transform animal rape incident” is a national issue and condemn this heinous act and strict action must be taken against the perpetrators.”

In fact, immediately after posting, there was movement in the case. Pressure on social media and complaints from two animal activists had an impact, forcing police to investigate the case. 

Ultimately, law enforcement officers arrested the day laborer and filed charges against him.

Cover photo: Twitter/Screenshot/@myPALclub

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