Lucky Kitten Was Saved From Death Row Despite Being b.l.i.n.d And Diagnosed With “Water On The Brain”

Lucky kitten was saved from death row despite being b.l.i.n.d and diagnosed with “water on the brain”

We would like to introduce to you…*drum roll*… Baby Ethel!

She is one of the newest residents at The Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

This adorable little ball of fur is 4 weeks old and has no idea that he is considered “different” to the world.

Ethel was born b.l.i.n.d and was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus.

She was f.o.u.n.d as a stray kitten wandering alone and was taken into a shelter. Unfortunately, it’s a shelter with a high damage rate.

When Tara Kay , founder of The Odd Cat Sanctuary, saw the kitten’s desperate face, she rushed to the rescue. This is Ethel’s “death row” photo. =(

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

Tara and her a.m.a.z.i.n.g team of volunteers and fosters know that she could not survive without them.

The adoptive mother, Nicole, happily accepted Ethel into her home.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

Despite her disability, Ethel is like any other kitten.

…Though sometimes she can get in her way as she learns her way! She is also a happy and playful kitten.

Hydrocephalus is what worries her caregivers the most.

This condition is sometimes called “water on the brain.” Until Ethel was examined by a neurologist and had an MRI, they weren’t sure what could be causing the condition or the specific type she had, but it could be genetic.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

If Ethel’s hydrocephalus is a mild case, she may only require routine visits to ensure any minor medical treatments can be performed immediately.

Luckily, with her team of saviors by her side, Ethel went to the doctor just a few hours ago!

They have started a fundraiser for Ethel to help cover her medical expenses.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

So far, she is eating well and weighing in at 1 pound. She is on track with other kittens her age!

While her new life is just beginning, we know that with the care of Tara, Nicole and The Odd Cat Sanctuary, she will have every chance of a long and healthy life.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

Ethel absolutely loves cuddling with her foster mother, Nicole. She climbed right into her sweater; PURRfect self-swaddling position.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

The L.o.o.k of joy on her face as she gets her ear rubbed in satisfaction is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

When the time comes for her to move in with her furry family, they will be sure to cherish her precious soul.

Be sure to follow Ethel’s story on her own Instagram page .

Photo credit: Tara Kay/Odd Cat Sanctuary & @oddcatehel

However be careful!!! Your heart may not be able to handle all the cuteness this delightful furry baby will bring you.

Be sure to follow all of Odd Cat Sanctuary’s a.m.a.z.i.n.g rescue stories on Facebook and Instagram .   

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