Get To Know About Incubator For Sale

Hatching your own chickens and watching your eggs during the hatching process is not only the excite task but also reward experiences. But you can’t be successful without the best incubator.

If you have never got any incubator for sale before, it is many questions that may come to your mind. This post is about some frequently asked questions about incubators for beginners to ensure the best hatch possible.

What is an incubator?

The best automatic egg incubator will create perfect conditions and environments for the eggs to incubate and hatch successfully.

You can control and regulate the proper temperature and humidity level in the incubator to suit your type of eggs. The incubator will mimic and plays the role of the broody hen in nature.

The incubator for sale comes in many different types of model and size will adapt your needs whether you are buying for home use or commercial use.

Why do you need incubator to hatch eggs?

The incubator is designed to contain and hatch much more eggs at the same time and even bring more efficient than the hen. Because when hatching by a hen, there are some external dangers that eggs may have to face such as predators.

If you are using the incubator, you will save more time and money. Because while the eggs are hatched with incubator, the hen still is able to continue to lay her eggs, which she cannot do if she has to hatch her own eggs.

For example, if a hen can hatch only 20-30 chicks per year, by using the incubator and allow your hen keep laying eggs, you can increases the productivity up to 300 chicks per year with the same hen.

Do the incubators automatically turn the eggs?

Not every incubator will come with an egg turner. But you are recommended to buy incubator with egg turner to ensure that the developing embryo does not stick to the cell wall. If your incubator is a manual model, you have to turn egg by hand for at least 2-3 times per day.

Where to place the incubator?

Not only the temperature and humidity inside the incubator cab affect your eggs, but the outside factor also can affect them as well. You should place your incubator in the airy dry room with the temperature is between 21 to 14 degrees C. Placing your incubator away from direct sunlight and drafts.