How often do crested geckos eat?

Crested geckos are omnivores; in their natural habitat, they eat live insects, fruit and even nectar flowers. When you keep crested geckos as pets, it is seen to be quite simple to feed them with so many kinds and brands of commercial food for crested geckos out there.

There are only some basic rules that you have to pay attention to when feeding crested geckos such as how often do crested gecko eat and what is the ideal time to feeding them.

In this post, we will show you the good balance crested geckos feeding schedule to keep them always stay healthy.

How often should you feed your crested gecko?

Basically, crested geckos diet can consist of: commercial geckos food, insects and worms, fruit. When crested geckos become adults, they almost no longer growing. Therefore, crested geckos do not require to be fed every day, they even can go in a short time without food.

The baby geckos allowed to be fed a few times per day to ensure they have enough nutrients for growth and health. But you can feed the adult crested geckos for just 3 times per week with premix powder crested gecko’s food or granulated. Live insects can be provided once or twice a week.

You can give them fruits and worms as treat for only once or twice per month. Because there are lots of fat contained in worms that can cause obesity for your pet.

When to feed your crested gecko?

Crested geckos are crepuscular and nocturnal creatures. They are likely to take rest and hiding in their shelter place during the daytime.

And at night they tend to be more active and do all the activities. Therefore, it is better to feed your crested geckos in the evening.

Investing in the best reptile light bulbs at night is also a good option to make crested gecko more palatable. Light bulbs that simulate the moonlight are the best option.

Besides, do not forget to remove the uneaten food after 24 hours of feeding to prevent the build-up of bacteria in their cage and to avoid nasty smells.