Homeless Three-Legged Dog Cuddles On Shoebox For Weeks

A homeless three-legged dog has been homeless for at least five months and struggles to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. Residents in the area do not know where Princess came from, nor how she lost her leg, but surely her life has struggled for a long time.

One day, when the Los Angeles rescue organization Hope for Paws received a message asking if they could help the three-legged bitch who had lived in front of a house for the past few weeks and belonged to no one, the rescuers immediately responded. When they arrived at the address, they found shivering sleeping on a cardboard shoe box as light rain fell on her fragile body.

As Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, slowly approaches and carefully places her signature “lucky” leash around her neck, Princess just stares — she doesn’t bark, she doesn’t growl and doesn’t try to escape. As if she knew, these people were actually there to help. Instinct tells her that she is sick, and perhaps this is the answer to her silent pleas for help. According to the host, the Princess appeared one day; He fed her, and apparently she took the shoebox as a bed.

And so the Princess was cuddled in a blanket and rushed to the organization’s veterinarian, where her rescue was short-lived. From inadequate food and adverse conditions, the Princess is extremely anemic, and if the Hope for Paws does not appear in time, it is unlikely that she will be able to survive much longer. For months, the Princess remained in treatment — but now she’s really a princess just patiently waiting for a kingdom to call her own.

(Hình ảnh và video về chú chó ba chân vô gia cư Princess do Hope for Paws cung cấp.)

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